Cameron Diaz Hosts “Saturday Night Live”: See Video Highlights (VIDEOS)


Cameron Diaz on SNL videos

Cameron Diaz was the host of “Saturday Night Live” last night, along with musical guest Bruno Mars.

Cameron starred in several funny sketches and we have all the video highlights from the evening.

Diaz plays the role of Miss Hannigan in the upcoming musical comedy-drama “Annie”, having fun mocking her role on SNL.

The actress also starred in a sketch as the wife of a “giant man-baby”.

She told the the story of their engagement, saying, “he ate the ring and pooped it out”. They shared some “exciting news” with their guests.

The first skit of the night was on Obama’s controversial new immigration bill.

The ladies of SNL starred with Cameron in a Thanksgiving-themed rap “back home baller” sketch:

SNL also touched on the sexual assault scandals surrounding Bill Cosby.

Diaz donned dreadlocks to read some kinky verses about the “sexy UPS man”.

Cameron later played the role of Tawna, a phone sex worker. She said, “Call us at Night Murmurs, you must be over 18 but under six inches”.

“Theater Showcase”

“The Fight”

Kyle Mooney’s angsty high school student Chris Fitzpatrick returns — and this time he’s fighting Andy Rydell, who has been messing with him since the ninth grade.

The December 6 SNL will feature James Franco and Nicki Minaj.


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