Bill Cosby Won’t “Dignify” Rape Allegations: Alleged Victim Speaks Out (VIDEO)


Bill Cosby not commenting on rape allegations

A lawyer for Bill Cosby says the comedian will not respond to “decade-old, discredited” allegations of sexual abuse with any comment.

One of his alleged rape victims, Barbara Bowman, spoke to CNN in a new interview and revealed her abuse at the hands of the “Cosby Show” star.

In a statement posted online, Cosby’s attorney John P. Schmitt said the fact that the allegations are being repeated does not make them true.

There have been reports of Cosby’s sexual assaults of multiple women for years.

One of the alleged victims is actress Barbara Bowman, who claims the comedian drugged and raped her when she was just 19 years old.

Bowman appeared on CNN to detail how she believes the media colluded to cover up the scandal.

She said, “I think that journalists do think that they have an obligation to take caution…but I also think there is maybe too much caution.  I wish there were more gutsy journalists to take this on”, adding that she sympathizes with reporters afraid to directly attack the beloved ‘Cosby Show’ dad.

She also called out NBC, which is currently developing a show with Cosby, and said they need to “take a good hard look at [the allegations] ’ because working with the comedian is ‘a little bit on the irresponsible side”.

Barbara Bowman on CNN

Bill Cosby was finally confronted with questions about the allegations on Saturday, during an interview on NPR to discuss his collection of African art.

At the end of an interview, the 77-year-old comedian was asked to respond to the resurgence of claims that he attacked multiple women years ago but Cosby went silent.

Sitting beside Cosby and his wife Camille, host Scott Simon said, “This question gives me no pleasure Mr Cosby, but there have been serious allegations raised about you in recent days. I’m in the news business. I have to ask the question. Do you have any response to those charges?”

Cosby reportedly shook his head and refused to say another word.

The old accusations of rape came back to haunt Cosby last month after stand-up comedian and former “Saturday Night Live” writer Hannibal Buress unleashed a violent tirade about him.

During a live performance, Buress called Cosby a ‘rapist’ and a sanctimonious hypocrite.

Comedian Bill Cosby

Allegations of rape were first leveled against Cosby in 2005 in a lawsuit filed by Andrea Constand, a former Temple University employee.

The 32-year-old claimed she had been sexually assaulted in the star’s Philadelphia mansion in 2004, adding that her suit also contained the testimonies of 13 other women with similar claims.

The suit was settled in 2006 for an undisclosed amount. Bowman has now come forward identifying herself as one of those 13 women.

On Monday, in an apparent attempt to connect with his Twitter followers, Cosby invited fans to create memes using a selection of photos of him.  But his idea backfired in a big way.

Bill Cosby memes

The comedian’s Twitter feed was inundated with memes that referenced the rape claims.

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