Beyonce Acting Weird At Brooklyn Nets Game: High As A Kite Or Tired? (VIDEO)


Beyonce on drugs or exhausted at Nets game?

Beyonce has fans talking and concerned after footage of her looking dazed and confused at a Brooklyn Nets basketball game has surfaced online.

The video shows Beyonce chatting with hubby JAY Z during a basketball game at Barclays Center on Monday night.  Bey looks either exhausted or on something!

Beyonce and Jay Z don’t appear to be too “Drunk On Love” in the video, with Queen Bey appearing to snap at Jay Z.  He is seen glancing up at the big screen to make certain it wasn’t noticed.

The couple were on hand to watch the Brooklyn Nets vs Oklahoma City Thunder NBA game.

Beyonce acting weird at basketball game video

The 33-year-old singer appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Beyonce appears to be in a daze as she sways from side to side.

There have been rumors for years that Beyonce did drugs. Does this video confirm those reports?

The singer could have been angry at her husband and soothing herself with the rocking motion. Or bored and daydreaming.

Beyonce on drugs or exhausted at Nets game?

One thing for certain is fans are concerned.

One fan tweeted, “Is Mrs Carter Ok?”

Another noted that she looked “spaced out”.

“She looks f**king crazy”, another added.

Beyonce shows off new bob

Other fans defended Bey’s strange antics.

One supporter tweeted, “Geez she’s probably sleepy and rocking back and forth as a sensory input to keep her awake”.

Another added, “This is just her creative process. People are looking too hard trying to find something wrong with her”.

The couple’s six-year marriage has been hit by divorce speculation ever since footage surfaced of her sister attacking Jay Z in an elevator after the MET Gala.

What do you think of Beyonce’s behavior? We find it pretty bizarre.

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