Bedroom Intruder Guy Antoine Dodson To Fight Actual Intruder (VIDEO)


Antoine Dodson to fight the Intruder

Remember the unintentionally hilarious “Bedroom Intruder” guy Antoine Dodson?

He will appear on Celebrity Boxing to duke it out with his sister’s bedroom intruder.  Now this should be interesting!

Dodson was thrust into the spotlight when he gave a funny interview with news crews after his sister claimed an intruder tried to climb up in bed with her and rape her at their Huntsville, Alabama housing project Lincoln Park .

Antoine was interviewed with the local news and made headlines with his hilarious reaction to the serious news.

Antoine Dodson’s interview that went viral:

The Gregory Brothers then created an Auto-tune mix of Dodson’s rant.

Antoine went on to have a line of merchandise, endorsed a sex-offender tracking app, and claimed that he prayed the gay away and became a dad.

Antoine Dodson is father to a son

Someone from Celebrity Boxing recently approached Antoine and wanted him to fight Lindsay Lohan’s father, Michael Lohan.

But then a guy came forward and revealed he was the actual intruder and wanted to box Antoine.

Antoine said, “Then some dude said he was the intruder and wanted to fight me. I guess he wanted to seek revenge on me for getting famous. For me, it’s like revenge for me, too. You know what I’m saying? Because it’s like, what gives you the right to come into somebody’s window and try to do whatever you thought you were going to do to a person, and think there are no consequences behind it?”

Antoine Dodson ready to fight (or bitch slap)

The Birmingham News caught up with the man claiming to be the Bed Intruder, 30-year-old Rashaad Cooper, who said the alleged rape was all just a big misunderstanding.

Cooper claimed the whole incident was just a misunderstanding, but he is ready to face Dodson for “profiting off his life”.

You can watch Antoine Dodson get his revenge on the Bed Intruder on on November 2 at 9:00 p.m. Eastern time.

Cooper explained he had dated Antoine’s sister and that most people knew there was no actual intruder. He claims the incident ruined his life.

The “intruder” stated, “All dirt comes out in the wash. First off, he’s going to get knocked out. He’s going to wind up crying and confessing after the beat down I give him. Tell yo wife, tell yo husband, tell yo kids, this is going to be the best celebrity knockout you’ll ever see in your life.”

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