Amanda Bynes Tweets She Is Bipolar, Then Claims Friend Posted It


Amanda Bynes tweets she is bipolar

Amanda Bynes was spotted out buying lingerie at Victoria’s Secret, but in her latest Twitter rant complains that her parents aren’t giving her enough money.

The troubled actress, who is under a conservatorship after her mental health issues, continues to worry fans with her bizarre behavior and statements.

The very latest includes a post that reads, “I was diagnosed bi – polar and manic depressive so I’m on medication and I’m seeing my psychologist and pyshchiatrist weekly so I’m fine :D” (sic)

But the following day Amanda claimed that someone else wrote the comments.

Bynes blames Tweet on "friend"

In a Twitter rant, Amanda slammed her parents over the conservatorship. She claimed she doesn’t have enough money to buy the things she needs.

Bynes angry at parents over controlling her money

She echoed the same sentiments in another tweet.

Amanda Bynes tweets about not enough money

Amanda has been staying at hotels and dining in restaurants since her unexpected released from a psychiatric facility last week.

She’s been active on social media and has been paying for her living expenses using American Express gift cards sent to her by her parents.

Bynes also said she was told by her lawyer that if she continues to take her medication and keeps up her doctor’s appointments that the conservatorship will end.

Amanda Bynes twitter

Amanda’s parents, Rick and Lynn Bynes, won their bid to retain a conservatorship over the troubled actress last week.

They want to help their daughter but ” at this point they feel she needs to hit rock bottom before she realizes she needs serious help.”

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