Amanda Bynes Talks About Murdering Her Parents…Claims She Was Joking (AUDIO)


Amanda Bynes talks about killing parents

Amanda Bynes has hit back after an audio was released of her stating that she wants to kill her parents.

The troubled star took to Twitter to claim she was “obviously joking”.  That is not something for anyone to joke about, especially someone that just left a psychiatric hospital.

The troubled star took to Twitter on Saturday evening after a audiotape surfaced on TMZ, where she can be heard talking about dreams of murdering her dad, slitting her mother’s wrist, and burning down their house.

Amanda Bynes with parents Rick and Lynn

Bynes said yesterday on Twitter, “By the way – I was obviously joking about hurting my family – I straight up don’t believe in harming a soul. I said what I said in jest & if you don’t understand that then know I’m in therapy to talk about my dad issues and that will solve my concerns with ppl invading my private life.  When I said I want @drake to murder my vagina did anyone think I was asking him to actually murder my vagina.”

Amanda continued, “I think not. So take what I say lightly because I am the nicest girl.”

Amanda Bynes twitter denial

The rants were recorded last week by one of Bynes’ roommates as they drove around Los Angeles.

Amanda’s family members wanted the tapes released as a “wake-up call for medical professionals to intervene and get her help.”

She starts out by making reference to slitting her father’s wrists, before going into further details by adding, “I don’t want to shoot my father in the face, and that’s why I said I want to like, strip for him as a joke.”

She continues, “I want to literally like lead him into a ditch and … I haven’t decided how I’d want to murder him, because now I have like this war wound on my face, and I don’t believe in murder. Nothing would give me greater pleasure than like, slitting his throat.”

She claims she would never actually commit the heinous act, but Amanda then quickly makes another gruesome statement against her mother.

Bynes says, “So like I’m not gonna like ever do such a thing, but like I call my mom and like I threaten to like to kill her and I threaten to slit her wrist, and I threaten to like burn down her house.  I’m gonna continue telling you guys I’m gonna murder my family, like ’cause that’s the thing that like they’re in control of my money and that’s why I don’t have much money right now. ”

Troubled star Amanda Bynes spotted leaving Nine Zero One salon sporting new purple hair

In a second recorded rant, the severity of Amanda’s situation is obvious as she talks about her friend’s sexual orientation.

The troubled star stated, “Thanks for letting me stay with you guys but now I’m scared that you guys don’t want me there.  I don’t want you guys to like be mad at me, I didn’t do anything wrong. It’s illegal to read my mind, in my mind. Because all this has done is made me look ugly. Stop with the dad nonsense, like, your obviously, like, homo hun. It makes you not anything other than, like, be yourself.  Your face makes you look un-ugly, not your sexual preference. I’m just going to make fun of you but it will be really subtle like, I am slow, but, like, in my heart, like, I will shoot you in the face but with an ugly insult.”

Her friend said he doesn’t know how to take all this information, but then she adds, “I’d take it as, you’re the unhottest guy ever, other than my friend Wayne. And I feel so sorry to say such things. You’re so gay it hurts my feelings.”

The rant comes as Amanda’s parents Rick and Lynn Bynes recently moved to Texas to be closer to another daughter and their grandchildren.

Her erratic behavior prompted her to be involuntarily committed for a second time on October 10.

The next scheduled conservatorship meeting for the actress has been set for February 2015.

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