Amanda Bynes Takes To Twitter To Lash Out After Conservatorship Was Extended


Amanda Bynes (right) arrested for DUi

Amanda Bynes wants the public to think her parents are the ones that are nuts and that she is doing just fine.

The troubled star took to Twitter to slam her parents after a judge ruled her mother, Lynn, will control her affairs until at least 2015.

We were already shocked to hear that Amanda was released from the psychiatric hospital, just days after a judge extended a psychiatric hold.

Amanda’s parents went to court to extend her conservatorship, while Amanda claimed she would fight them to regain control of her affairs.

An attorney representing Amanda Bynes did go to court on her behalf, but he was not allowed to attend the 30 minute meeting in chambers.

Her attorney was told after the meeting that his services weren’t required, because under the conservatorship Amanda Bynes isn’t considered to have the mental capacity to hire anyone to represent her.

Amanda Bynes arrives at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

Bynes claimed on Twitter Friday morning that she planned to fight to regain control in court, but Amanda did not show up to court.

Instead, Amanda was spotted dining at Mel’s Drive-In in Hollywood. She reportedly talked about plastic surgery and stepped out of the way several times for an imaginary person. Bynes ordered several entrees and told her waitress that she’d recently had surgery.

The waitress who served Bynes described her as not seeming to be “with it” and heard her mumble to herself.

reported that following her discharge from the psychiatric facility on Thursday, and mere hours before her Twitter tirade, Bynes went to a Mel’s Diner on the Sunset Strip.

A source previously said the actress feels betrayed by her parents after they secretly arranged for her to be hospitalized again after she was accused of shoplifting and arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) last month.

Amanda Bynes with parents Rick and Lynn

Lufti was a close friend of Bynes’ who collaborated with Rick and Lynn Bynes to have Amanda forcibly admitted to a psychiatric facility.
Bynes may have intended to attend the court hearing, but she never did.

Bynes insists that she is a good student with plans to attend USC, one of the most prestigious schools in Los Angeles.

Amanda Bynes claims she's attending USC

The former actress claims that the conservatorship and psychiatric hold were attempts by her parents and former friend Sam Lufti to steal her money. Amanda Bynes tweets about parents

On a totally unrelated subject, Amanda also tweeted on her “secret” account and her Twitter profile about actor Zac Efron.

Amanda Bynes "secret" Twitter

Amanda Bynes tweets about Zac Efron

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