U2’s Bono Explains His Need For Sunglasses (VIDEO)


Graham Norton gives Bono some huge shades

Bono is known for his singing voice as well as his signature shades.

But the U2 frontman explained on “The Graham Norton Show” that he doesn’t just wear them to look cool and fashionable.

Bono has revealed that he suffers from glaucoma, which is why he wears his sunglasses.

The 54-year-old musician revealed he has been diagnosed with glaucoma for 20 years now.

Patients that suffer from the condition have sensitivity to light.

Bono appeared on BBC’s “The Graham Norton Show” and was asked about his trademark sunglasses.

The singer said, “This is a good place to explain to people that I’ve had glaucoma for the last 20 years.”.

Funny old photo of the guys of U2

He adds, “I have good treatments and I am going to be fine. You’re not going to get this out of your head now and you will be saying Ah, poor old blind Bono.'”

Bono has also been in the news recently for his deal with iTunes, which automatically loaded U2’s new album on everyone’s cloud for free.

Bono and The Edge from U2 at the BBC

Some people had the free music on their account and synced to their devices that that didn’t want. You can’t make everyone happy obviously!

Bono apologized to fans, saying in a statement, “I’m sorry about that. I had this beautiful idea, but (we) got carried away with ourselves. Artists are prone to that kind of thing. A drop of megalomania, a touch of generosity, a dash of self-promotion and deep fear that these songs, that we poured our life into over the last few years, mightn’t be heard. There’s a lot of noise out there. I guess we got a little noisy ourselves to get through it.”

We think they call those people that were annoyed by the free Bono tunes “a**holes”. Just saying!

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