Teen Boy With Attitude Steals The Show During News Broadcast (VIDEO)


Little boy lets his diva shine during news broadcast

Las Vegas news station KLAS was doing a live broadcast from the location of a new shopping center in the area, when a little diva pouted and posed in the background.

Check out the hilarious antics of the teen boy, who was obviously feeling fabulous!

The little boy in the crowd definitely stood out from all the “basic bit**es” at the mall opening, putting on quite a show.

He definitely brought more excitement and drama to an otherwise boring news story!

The unidentified tween made faces showing his disapproval of some of the people in the crowd, before giving his best runway model expressions.

Hilarious video of little boy acting like a diva

Channel 8 News Now reporter Patranya Bhoolsuwan was covering the Downtown Summerlin Opening, later taking to Twitter to describe the little guy as “Fierce”.

Boy steals show on Vegas news broadcast

Check this kid working the sexy face:

Here is an even better view of the little diva:

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Images: news


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