Taylor Swift Slams Her Haters, Says They Are “Sexist” (VIDEO)


Taylor Swift defends ex-boyfriend songs
In a recent interview with Australia’s 2DayFM, Taylor Swift hit back at all the speculation surrounding her songs that are normally about her former boyfriends.

Taylor feels there is a major double-standard and that other male songwriters are bashed for writing about their love life. Is she right?

Taylor was chatting with the Aussie radio hosts when she was asked about her songs being about former flames.

She defended her decision to use her exes as song material, just a week after singer Olly Murs said she needs to get new material and should stop writing about Harry Styles.

Taylor 2day interview in Australia

Swift said, “My first album came out when I was 16, so I would write about my life as I saw it, as I felt it, and then what happens is as you get more successful, which you’re lucky if that happens, you have more and more people paying attention to what you’re doing and you’ve been doing it the same way your entire career as a songwriter, but all of a sudden the perspective has changed.”

The “Shake It Off” singer hit back at her critics and said they are sexist.

Swift has dated a string of high-profile Hollywood guys including John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal, Harry Styles, and Taylor Lautner.

Some of these guys have been rumored to be the subject of the 24-year-old singer’s songs.

Taylor said she has a “really strict personal policy that I never name names”.

She pretty much did with her 2010 song “Dear John”, which was reportedly about John Mayer.

Her latest album, 1989, contains references to her failed 2013 relationship with One Direction band member Harry Styles.

Taylor hit back during her interview, criticizing anyone that assumes her songs are based on former flames, saying they’re “purely speculating”.

“You are going to have people who are going to see the depth at which you approached the song – the fact you put your real emotions into it,” she told 2Day FM’s breakfast radio show.

“And then you are going to have the people who are going to say, ‘Oh you know like she just writes stories about her ex boyfriends’, and I think frankly that’s a very sexist angle to take.”

Taylor Swift blasts sexist critics of her songs

Swift said she believes there’s a double standard in the music industry for male and female performers.

She makes a good point adding, “No one says that about Ed Sheeran, no one says it about Bruno Mars. “They’re all writing songs about their exes, their current girlfriends, their love life and no one raises a red flag there.”

We think maybe people just find her annoying.

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