Tattoo Artist To The Stars Trigz Shot Dead Outside LA Tattoo Parlor (VIDEO)


Famous tattoo artist Trigz shot dead last night

Trigz, a well-known tattoo artist that has inked many celebrities, was shot dead outside a Los Angeles tattoo parlor on Thursday.

Police confirmed that Michael Christopher Pebley, 40, of Tujunga, was fatally gunned down after a fight began inside the Tattoo & Body Piercing parlor in Laurel Canyon.

Witnesses reveal the fight spilled outside, first beginning as a fist fight before it escalated into shots being fired.

The gunman, revealed to be a hispanic man in his thirties, took off in a four-door white Honda Accord. No suspect has been arrested by the LAPD.

Police have said they do not know what the argument was about and are asking for anyone with information on the shooting to call the authorities.

Tattoo artist Trigz shot

The tattoo artist has done work on rapper Tyga, singer Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, and drummer Travis Barker.

Chris Brown with Trigz (left)

Just after news broke of the murder, which is believed to have taken place at 5:50 pm, Chris Brown tweeted, “RIP homie. S*** it crazy!”

Only hours after the fatal shooting, friends, family and mourners put together a makeshift memorial for Trigz outside the shop.

Trigz was a famed tattoo and graffiti artist, actor and model. He also became part of an exclusive worldwide group of artists called The Seventh Letter, fellow member and friend Willie T told Eyewitness News.

The LAPD confirmed Trigz died at the scene. A witness says he heard four gunshots overall.

Trigz left behind five children, four daughters and a son.

Trigz and his daughter

Trigz, a.k.a. Mr. Trigger, worked out of Sincity Tattoo in Pacoima, where he specialized in body piercing.

So sad. R.I.P. Trigz.

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