Someone Thought It Was A Good Idea To Release Amanda Bynes?


Amanda Bynes freaks out at London hotel

Amanda Bynes has been released from a psychiatric facility early, just days after doctors granted a 30-day hold on the actress.

The former actress was being held on a psychiatric hold for nearly three weeks, before she went before a hearing officer at the facility on Thursday to request she be released. Strangely enough, the hearing officer granted the request!

Doctors believe she is seriously mentally ill, but the hearing officer felt she was stable enough that she couldn’t be held involuntarily.

Amanda was spotted walking around Sunset Strip in Hollywood on Thursday night before she tried to get a room at the exclusive London Hotel.

Amanda Bynes throws cash in lobby of London hotel

The staff denied her a room and Amanda didn’t take the news well.

The actress reportedly wanted to prove she could pay for the room, which starts at $299 per night, deciding to toss money into the air in the middle of the hotel lobby.

A source said, “We’re told Amanda became angry, grabbed a giant wad of cash, and tossed the bills into the air in the direction of the front desk”.

Bynes was back to blasting her father, Rick Bynes, on Twitter on Friday.

She returned to social media to accuse her father of being “a sex predator”.

The latest allegations come weeks after Amanda accused her father Rick Bynes of abusing her as a child, a claim her parents have previously vehemently denied.

Amanda Bynes with parents Rick and Lynn

In a string of rambling tweets, the troubled actress wrote, “I am going to court today with my lawyer to prove that I am more than capable of handling my personal life and finances and I am enraged.  I got released from the hospital that… my parents arranged to send me to because my dad is humiliated by what he’s done.

“The police filed a report against my dad – I am not able to be in the same room with him. He is a sexual predator and he SHOULD BE IN JAIL. I am going to court with my lawyer today to fight my mother and father over control of my personal life and control of my finances.”

Amanda Bynes tweets on Halloween

An LAPD spokesperson said they had not received a report from Amanda Bynes that she was sexually abused by her father.

Amanda Bynes tweets on Halloween

In previous deleted tweets earlier on Friday, she had also accused her attorney Tamar Arminak of being corrupt, adding that she “belonged in prison”.

Amanda Bynes tweets on Halloween

She had been in Las Encinas mental-health hospital against her will since Oct. 10, after her erratic behavior in New York led her parents to have her taken there after her return to Los Angeles. The psychiatric hold had been extended twice and but the law allows such patients to contest this.

It seems a huge mistake to release her at this point.

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