Snoop Dogg Offends Iggy Azalea With Rude Instagram Post


Snoop Dogg mean to Iggy AzaleaSnoop Dogg Instagrammed a picture of albino person on Monday with the caption “Iggy Azalea no makeup”.

The 42-year-old rapper’s followers found his post pretty entertaining, but Iggy obviously didn’t share their amusement and hit back on Twitter.

The photo appeared to be of an albino man with braided hair, which he compared to Azalea’s no-makeup photos taken recently.

Snoop posts photo of "iggy with no makeup"

Iggy Azalea, 24, voiced her displeasure at the comments, saying, “Why would you post such a mean pic on insta when you send your body guards to ask me for pictures every time we are at shows”.

Snoop’s 3.5 million followers found the photo funny, landing thousands of likes and comments in hours.

Iggy has had a rough few weeks, with her ex-boyfriend claiming they were married and threatening to release a sex tape.

The Aussie beauty was spotted at LAX last week looking less than her normal fabulous self, with no makeup.

Iggy Azalea with no makeup at LAX airport

Iggy wondered why Snoop would post something so mean when she believed they were friends.

Here are Iggy’s tweets in response to the mean picture:

Iggy tweets in response to Snoop's mean pic

Iggy tweets in response to Snoop's mean pic

Iggy tweets in response to Snoop's mean pic

Iggy may have her feelings hurt, but the rapper’s career is going strong. She led the list of nominees for this year’s American Music Awards, which were announced this morning.

For the record, Snoop isn’t someone that should be making fun of anyone’s looks anyway!

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