Sad News: Missing Actress Misty Upham Found Dead In Washington


Actress Misty Upham found dead?

Washington police have revealed that they found the body of “August: Osage County” actress, Misty Upham, today.

She went missing on October 6 after going off her bipolar medication.

Misty’s uncle confirmed that the body found near the White River in Washington was that of the actress.

Her body was reportedly found along a river in suburban Seattle.

The body was found by a member of Upham’s family during a search for the actress, according to police in Auburn, Washington. It was found at the bottom of a steep embankment near the White River.

Misty Upham latest photo

A purse containing Upham’s ID was found with the remains.

Misty was last seen leaving her apartment in Auburn, Washington on Oct. 5.

Her family later later revealed their fears that she may be suicidal, claiming that “she had recently changed her medication, so she was sort of having erratic behavior”.

Her father had stated, “She told me and her mom that we didn’t have to worry about her any more. I thought it sounded suicidal myself, so I called the police. She’s always been a suicidal person.”

Native American actress Misty Upham found dead

Misty’s parents, Charles and Mona, tried to report her missing on Oct. 6 but the actress didn’t qualify as a missing person.

Mona had previously stated that she was “disappointed” by the inaction of the Auburn Police Department.

She stated, “I think my daughter is alive and needs help. We don’t have the money to hire a private investigator. We are putting up signs and calling the local hospitals every day. She only has ID with her. She didn’t take any credit cards or a bank card, so it’s so difficult to know where she had been. Has someone taken her? We are praying for more help to find out daughter. We desperately need help and want the police to take this seriously.”

The 32-year-old actress was nominated in 2008 for an Independent Spirit Award for her role in “Frozen River,” in which she co-starred with Melissa Leo.

She played a housekeeper in “August: Osage County,” which starred Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep.

Upham’s next onscreen role will be in “Cake” with Jennifer Aniston and Anna Kendrick.

Upham reportedly had a long history of depression.

Misty Upham battled lifelong mental illness

Her father Charles issued a statement about his daughter before she was found:

“Misty has suffered from mental illness most of her life medication that wasn’t effective enough to deal with her bipolar anxiety disorder. She started to slip into bouts of depression and panic attacks. She tried to compensate by drinking wine to combat the anxiety and I believe that these meds mixed with alcohol would cause psychotic behavior episodes. She would always recover and not remember what happened. She would sometimes threaten to take her own life but would never go through with any of the threats.

She has several scars on her wrists where she cut but never enough to cause death or serious injury. Misty believes that suicide is a sin and in her darker moments she would tell me, ‘Dad, I would never take my own life. But sometimes when I get depressed I feel that death would be better than life. My greatest fear is that you and mom will die before me and I will be all alone in this world. I don’t know how I could face that. I pray that God will take me peacefully in my sleep one day before you and mom take the journey.'”

Her father added, “Misty left in a psychotic state of mind with the clothes she had on and her shoulder bag. All of her clothes and other belongings are still here. This is the first time in 32 years we have lost contact with her and she stopped contact with everyone. This raises a serious red flag for me but apparently law enforcement officials disagree. We are not getting much rest and everyday we have to look at her belongings, the food she cooked still in the fridge, her pets and unanswered social media posts just waiting for her to come back and resume where she left off”.

Our condolences to her family and friends.

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