“The Patriot” Actress Skye McCole Bartusiak’s Death Caused By Accidental Overdose


Skye McCole Bartusiak

The former child star, Skye McCole Bartusiak, passed away suddenly on July 19 in Texas.

Skye, who played the daughter of Mel Gibson in the 2000 movie “The Patriot”, died of an accidental overdose of music relaxers, painkillers, and huffing chemical refrigerant.  So sad.

Test results revealed the 21-year-old actress died of an overdose caused by a mixture of Vicodin, the muscle relaxant carisoprodol, and the refrigerant often abused as an inhalant called difluoroethane. The chemical is found in products such as “Duster” sprays.

Difluoroethane is sometimes abused for its euphoric effects, but has been known to cause accidental death in those who inhale it.

Skye McCole Bartusiak in The Patriot

Bartusiak was best known for her role in Gibson’s Revolutionary War epic “The Patriot”, where she played the daughter of militia leader Benjamin Martin who struggles to speak with her father.

Skye McCole Bartusiak with Mel Gibson

Skye’s mother, Helen Bartusiak, revealed the actress had been living in a garage apartment at her parents’ Houston home.

She said the actress’ boyfriend found her there unresponsive on her bed.

Helen Bartusiak said she tried to resuscitate her daughter but could not. She said at the time that the actress had been healthy and did not drink or do drugs.

Skye’s mother told CNN after her daughter’s death, “We think she had a seizure and choked and nobody was there.  We lost our girl,She was a kind and really beautiful girl.”

Bartusiak made her acting debut in the television miniseries “Storm of the Century” in 1999 and also had a role on “24” in 2002-2003.

She made her movie debut in the “The Cider House Rules” in 1999 and starred with Michael Douglas in “Don’t Say a Word” in 2001. Her most recent move was “Sick Boy” in 2012.

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