“Mean Girls” Star Daniel Franzese Does Parody Of Sam Smith’s Song (VIDEO


Daniel Franzese in funny t-shirt
Daniel Franzese, who most of you remember as Damian in the movie “Mean Girls”, made a fun parody of Sam Smith’s romantic tune “Stay With Me”.

In Daniel’s case it’s a one-night stand that isn’t leaving fast enough. Check it out!

The 36-year-old, who came out as gay in an essay in April, spoofed British singer Sam Smith’s popular song “Stay With Me” with a twist.

Daniel’s song is called “Please Go Home”, about an overnight guest that has overstayed his welcome.

Smith’s heartbreaking song tells the tale of a one-night stand he hoped would have turned into something more, but Franzese’s case is totally the opposite.

One funny line of the parody states, “Should have stayed at home, spent it with my hand Won’t you please go home?”

Mean Girls actor does parody of Stay With Me

Members of the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus help out Franzese during the chorus, and his hookup (Adrian Anchondo) plays the Sam Smith in the situation, crooning “let me stay with you, I wanna be your boo”.

Franzese finally gets his wish after practically dragging his one-night stand out of bed.

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Images: video/wenn.com


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