Lucky Fallon Audience Member Gets VM Greeting Message From Sting! (VIDEO)


Sting on Jimmy Fallon show video

Jimmy Fallon helped one member of the audience on Thursday night’s “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” receive an awesome voicemail greeting by Sting!

Sting performed a modified version of his band’s hit song “Message in a Bottle” for one shocked fan.

The lucky audience member was chosen at random by their seat number’s by the show’s host.

Sting sang into the phone, “Sorry I’m away / Looks like you missed me. You just leave your name / when you hear the beep-o.  I hope that you will leave a / Message on my voicemail, yeah.”

Lucky fan gets a voicemail message by singer Sting

Just before that, Sting took part in a game where he tried to Stingify classic ringtones.

Sting and Fallon couldn’t help but notice that the xylophone tone is a perfect fit for Sting’s voice, especially because it resembles a Police song.

Sting joked, “I could make a fortune”.

Sting on Jimmy Fallon show video

But he adds that he would give Jimmy Fallon a cut from any pretend lawsuit money.

Sting also takes a stab at the the old-school Nokia ringtone, though its high-octave digital bleeps offer the biggest vocal challenge.

Sting on Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

The singer discussed his musical The Last Ship, which he calls a major labor of love. He revealed, “This took five years of extraordinary hard work and intense pleasure”.

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