Love This! Kid Rock Makes Huge Fan’s Birthday Wish Come True (VIDEO)


Dan McGurk about to have b-day wish come true

A huge fan of musician Kid Rock got the surprise of a lifetime when the singer showed up to his birthday party!

Dan McGurk was celebrating his 30th birthday with family and friends at the Clarkston Union restaurant in Clarkston, Michigan when the American badass himself dropped by to help him celebrate.

Dan, who has Down’s Syndrome, had been working to get a party invitation to Rock for months and posted a Youtube video asking him to come to his party.

He probably never really expected the rocker to show up!

In a video posted on October 28, McGurk is seen sitting at a table celebrating his big day.

He is given a cake, with candles and then listens to a silly “opera” rendition of Happy Birthday, before blowing out his candles.

Dan said his wish was “that the American Bad Ass is here”.

Moment Dan realizes Kid Rock made it to the party

Kid Rock strolls in singing “Happy Birthday” and the look on Dan’s face was so adorable!

McGurk said, “I’ve been waiting for this …Kid Rock finally came to my birthday”.

Kid Rock even had gifts for birthday boy

The singer, whose real name is Robert James Ritchie, sat down to chat with McGurk before presenting him with several awesome gifts, including a custom Kid Rock guitar that he signed.

Kid Rock goes to big fan's birthday party

The rocker also invited Dan to his next concert in the area.

Wow! We love these type of stories. Kid Rock is a stand-up guy!

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