Jordin Sparks Debuts New Piercing: Love It Or Leave It?


Jordin Sparks shows off septum piercing

Jordin Sparks, who already has eight tattoos, showed off her new septum piercing.

Sparks, who recently split from Jason Derulo, showed off her new jewelry in a black and white photo on Instagram.

Sparks headed to T-Man Tattoo in Studio City, Los Angeles last week but apparently lose her nerve.

She returned and finally got her new piercing.

The singer’s piercing actually took two tries to get it through her septum and they gave her a $30 discount.

Sparks showed off the new septum piercing on Instagram, with mixed reviews from fans.

Jordin Sparks shows fans her new piercing

Hours into her red eye flight, Jordin shared a follow-up photo to show how easy it is to hide the new piercing.

She wrote, “Wide awake!! Aaaaand just like that, it disappears! I love the versatility of this piercing. Can’t wait to get a cuter ring. :)”

Jordin Sparks septum piercing photos

Jordin already has a nose piercing as well as several in her ears.

Her tattoos include a small heart on her finger to a cluster of flowers on the left side of her body.

Women often change their hair or do something different after a split, but it appears Jordin decided to go with some new bling.

Her ex-boyfriend Jason Derulo recently revealed he will be using their split as inspiration for new music.

Jason Derulo felt pressured to marry Jordin Sparks

Derulo told Billboard, “I think sometimes in life things are placed in our lives as a lesson, so you’ve got to take every negative experience and turn that thing into a positive.  I’m somebody who cannot keep those two things separate. Like, I have to put it on paper, put it on wax, put it in my songs. I cannot separate the two. My creativity, my personality won’t allow me to separate the two.”

Jordin and Jason broke up last month after three years together. They were reports he had cheated on her, but neither commented on the rumors.

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