Jim Carrey Hosted SNL: Check Out Some Of The Best Moments (VIDEOS)


Jim Carrey's still got it!

Jim Carrey was the host of Saturday Night Live’s Halloween episode on October 25, bringing on the hilarity.

This was the third time for Carrey to host the show, with Iggy Azalea as the musical guest. Let’s check out some funny moments from the show!

SNL normally sings President Obama’s praises, but show they aren’t feeling the love anymore.

Check out this funny sketch:

Jim Carrey’s monologue does his monologue as a devil/Elvis hybride, which he calls Helvis. Of course!


One sketch was about an office costume contest, where two co-workers coming up with the same brilliant idea. Oops!

Jim Carrey Sia's Chandelier

Kate McKinnon and Carrey both dressed as Maddie Ziegler from singer Sia’s “Chandelier” music video. They then began a dance-off that eventually left the stage and into the audience. Rapper Iggy Azalea even got involved.

We also enjoyed the “Carrey Family Reunion” sketch, which had cast members doing their best impersonations of characters Jim has done over the years.

Jim Carrey in "Carrey Family Reunion"

Castmates Taran Killam and Bobby Moynihan pretended to be the actor’s relatives, who sported a strong resemblance to some of his most memorable characters like The Mask and Ace Ventura.

Dumb and Dumber fans got a special treat when Carrey’s costar Jeff Daniels came out dressed like Lloyd Christmas!

Jeff Bridges joined Jim Carrey on SNL

Carrey Family Reunion

Last night on SNL, Jim Carrey did a cute parody of the new Matthew McConaughey Lincoln commercial.

We also enjoyed the “Graveyard Song,” a sketch starring Carrey and Taran Killam as Paul and Phil, a pair of “nice casual ghosts that are just sort of always around.”

Iggy Azalea unveiled her brand new single “Beg for It,” taken from the rapper’s upcoming The New Classic reissue Reclassified.

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