Hilarious! Jimmy Fallon & Will.i.am As Teen Girls In “Ew!” (VIDEO)


Jimmy Fallon & will.i.am in EW! music video

“The Tonight Show” premiered their very first music video, with Jimmy Fallon and will.i.am performing as their alter-ego’s Sara and mir.i.am.

Be prepared to have this song stuck in your head all day!

Jimmy and Will rap about all things “Ew!” in their new music video.

Sara, without an “h” because h-es are “ew”, teamed up with rapper will.i.am for a new song.

The guys are shown in braces and retainers, wigs, and dresses as they touch on some of the most important topics to teen girls.

Sarah and mir.i.am star in grody music video

These topics include bread bowls, duck lips, FaceTime and “impleggies” (butt implants.)

Sara’s “annoying” stepdad Gary made an unwelcome appearance and Questlove had a cameo.

Fallon was excited by his latest musical endeavor, tweeting, “#ohmygross,” “Get Ew! on the radio!!” and “#Ew! Please request this to your local DJ?”

Will.i.am tweeted a link to model Adriana Lima.

In past “Ew!” sketches, Fallon recruited celebrities including Zac Efron, Will Ferrell, the Jonas Brothers, Lindsay Lohan, Michelle Obama, Seth Rogen, Michael Strahan, Taylor Swift and Channing Tatum.

Fallon and will.i.am’s “Ew!” is available for download on iTunes. Proceeds from the sale of the song will benefit the SeriousFun Children’s Network and i.am.angel Foundation.

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