Hilarious Halloween Costumes (Photos)


    Little Hobo begs for candy

    Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. What’s better than dressing up and enjoying candy and a few beers?

    Halloween costumes are normally scary, but some of these costumes are just hilarious!

    Some parents have wild imaginations, while others went with do-it-yourself Halloween costumes. Some are pretty cool, while others are rather embarrassing.

    This little girl is a living doll!  We bet she eats and poops too!

    Little girl is a real-life doll?

    A little Hannibal Lecter! This little guy has it made. He gets wheeled around instead of having to walk. But hopefully candy fit into his mask.

    Hannibal Lecter mini-me

    A barnyard family affair. Pretty cute!

    These guys born in a barn?

    This little guy is Slash of Guns ‘N Roses. We’re guessing this Slash before 2012…when he still was smoking and drinking.

    Little Slash

    This kid “pities the fool” that tries to out-do his cute Mr. T costume.

    LIttle Mr. T

    Someone has high aspirations for their little girl! Inappropriate? Yes it is, but it’s also pretty damn funny!

    Baby Hooters girl

    This little cute guy is a mini Ace Ventura, Pet Detective. He is no LOOO-HOOO-ZUH-HER!  This outfit is a winner!

    Ace Ventura little boy

    This little darling looks exactly like a Cabbage Patch Kid. Too cute!

    Real life cabbage patch kid

     This kid’s little pal wants nothing to do with a hardened criminal!

     Scary ginger prisoner

    A precious little mini Cruella De Vil.  Great costume and makeup!

    Cruella DeVille

    What a cute little Incredible Hulk!  Hulk …SMASH!

    Incredible hulk

    The name is Bond. Tiny James Bond!

    James Bond 007

    This kid dressed as Billy from “Saw” is pretty creepy!

    Billy from Saw

    Someone’s parents love “Breaking Bad”. Who doesn’t? This little guy even has the blue meth!

    Kid as Heisenberg

    Isn’t this the cutest little Hell’s Angel you’ve ever seen? Precious!

    Little biker

    Here’s a mini version of Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj!

    Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj

    Forrest Gump & Lt. Dan Taylor. Great costumes!

    Forrest Gump & Lt. Dan Taylor

    Charlie Brown and his pal Snoopy.

    Cute little Charlie Brown

    Chuckie and the Bride of Chuckie

    Chuckie & the Bride of Chuckie


    This kid is adorable as Jack Black in “Nacho Libre”.

    Nacho Libre

    This little old lady with a walker is precious!

    Tiny little granny

    Colonel Sanders & bucket of chicken

    Colonel Sanders & bucket of chicken

    Jack Daniels and his side-kick pack of cigs.

    Whiskey and cigarettes

    Wayne and Garth from “Wayne’s World”. Sha-Wing!

    Wayne & Garth from Wayne's World

    This one is self-explanatory, but pretty amusing!

    Funny costume

    Have a beer belly? Here’s a great costume for you and a friend!

    Funny costume for guys with beer guts

    Cute little hobo costume.

    Little Hobo begs for candy

    This is great. Crazy cat lady with blue hair and too many kitties!

    Crazy Cat Lady

    A dollar makes him holler! Mini little Chippendale’s dancer!

    Tiny future Chippendale's dancer?

    This little lobster wants nothing to do with that pot.

    This lobster wants nothing to do with the pot

    These little guys are so cute! “Duck Dynasty” costumes. Willie, Jase, Uncle Si (with tea glass of course) and Phil.

    Duck Dynasty kids



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