Highlights Of “Saturday Night Live” Hosted By Sarah Silverman (VIDEOS)


Sarah Silverman on SNL

Sarah Silverman was the host of “Saturday Night Live” and started things off with a very interesting monologue, before starring in some hilarious sketches.

A few highlights include Joan Rivers in Heaven and a faux romantic movie trailer about Ebola.

Sarah Silverman SNL videos 2014

Sarah, a former castmate on SNL in the 90s, started off her monologue full of inappropriate comments that she is known for in her comedy.

Sarah's opening monologue

Silverman grabbed a hand held microphone and walked out into the studio audience, before sitting in the lap of a woman named Lindsay.

The comedienne told her, “Lindsay, you are beautiful, you deserve love and I hope that you are as kind to yourself as you are to any schmo on the street. And I love you”.

Silverman then handed the mic over to Lindsay and urged her to say some wonderful things about her in return.

“You are amazing, beautiful, you are smart,” Lindsay said.

“Keep going, be creative,” Silverman told her as Lindsay told her she was her “favorite.”

Silverman then starred in a fake movie trailer for “The Ebola In Our Everything”, in which she starred as a young girl with Ebola.

Sarah Silverman Ebola fake movie trailer

The comedienne starred in the parody of “The Fault in Our Stars”, but this film is not about cancer, but Ebola.

She quipped, “If my doctor knows so much, then why is he dead from Ebola”.

The late Joan Rivers got the full Saturday Night Live treatment as guess host Sarah Silverman played the brilliant comedienne in a touching and funny tribute.

Sarah Silverman as Joan Rivers video

“Thank you, thank you. Heaven, are you serious, me in Heaven?” Silverman said in her best Joan Rivers voice.

She said, “I guess I should be here, I am practically a virgin. The last time someone was inside me it was Melissa”.

Silverman then said, “Listen people, comedy is to make us laugh and to deal with things, so open the gates and let me in here, lets start this show, you are wonderful, goodnight.”

The show then cut to break with a picture of Joan.

SNL does tribute to Joan Rivers

The show’s cold open featured a Barak Obama sketch with the president, played by Jay Pharoah, poking fun at the use of social media by terrorist group ISIS.

A Secret Service agent then interrupted to inform him there was a visitor with a sharpened screwdriver waiting for him, and it was ‘time-sensitive’ as he ran across the front lawn and was now waiting in the Oval Office.

The white members of the cast then all took part in an up-beat commercial for the Whites.

They said, “Whites. For now we’re on top. We’ve had a good run but we know it isn’t going to last forever, so for these final years of white dominance we are going to soak it in”.

Silverman then played one half of a feminist music duo, called Garage and Her to comment on a female Thor character.

Sarah as feminist singer

The pair then sang an Indigo Girls-like song about items like Bill Maher, Walt Disney, Friends and San Diego all being women.

Sarah played a cheating girlfriend, who was being picked up at the airport by her brother.

Sarah Silverman and Cecily Strong appeared together in a sketch that took the audience through an alternative soap show called Supportive Women.

Silverman in Supportive Women


In another sketch, Sarah played a woman who fell in love with a man because they had the ability to complete each other’s sentences:

Sarah in "Poems"

Silverman played a woman drinking a health shake in an awkward Vitamix blender commercial.

Sarah takes on awesome but expensive Vitamix

Sarah was outraged by the cost of the awesome blender.  It is expensive, but so cool!


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