Good News! Amanda Bynes Placed On 5150 Psychiatric Hold


Amanda Bynes schitzophrenia and bipolar

It’s been heartbreaking to watch the downward spiral of Amanda Bynes recently and we’re so happy she is finally getting the help she needs.

Amanda hopped a plane from New York to Los Angeles on Friday and was immediately taken to a facility in Pasadena, placed under a 5150 psychiatric hold.

Bynes was reportedly afraid her parents would track her down in New York so she took off for Los Angeles.

The former Nickelodeon star was spotted rambling on the phone while exiting LAX. She told a cameraman, “I want to be like Marilyn Monroe one day…I actually feel like an orphan…my father should be put in jail for a very long time.”

Amanda thought a car service was going to take her to a hotel, but instead they brought her to a Pasadena hospital.

The psychiatric hold comes just hours after Bynes accused her father on Twitter of sexually, physically, and verbally abusing her as a child.

Amanda Bynes crazy tweets

The hurtful statements were denied by Bynes’ mother in a statement by their lawyer.

Just hours later, Amanda tweeted that the statements were not true but caused by a microchip placed in her brain.

Amanda Bynes blames microchip for making her say things

The 5150 hold authorizes a qualified officer or clinician to involuntarily confine a person suspected to have a mental disorder that makes him or her a danger to himself or herself.

She will be held at the hospital for 72 hours, but the hold can be extended for a further 14 days.

It is expected that her parents will try to get another conservatorship, which seems like a very good idea.

On Friday, video of the star also emerged showing her dancing around and behaving oddly at boutique Pookie & Sebastian emerged.

The actress has been struggling with mental illness since last year and took a turn for the worse after she moved out of her parents home when the conservatorship ended in August.

Mental illness is certainly nothing to joke about and we all wish her well!

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