Former “Sons Of Anarchy” Star Ron Perlman Reveals Depression Battle


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Ron Perlman has opened up for the first time about a past suicide attempt in his new memoir, “Easy Street”, revealing he battled severe depression that made him want to end it all.

The “Hellboy” actor revealed it was “cathartic” to write about the experience and hopes it will help others.

Perlman told The Daily Beast, “The story I tell about my own experience (of trying to commit suicide) has never been told before. Even my wife didn’t know about it until she read the galleys for the book. My mom hasn’t read the book yet, so I hope it doesn’t kill her when she reads it. It’s going to be a shock…

“The bout I had with clinical depression was a singular incident – I don’t consider myself someone who has spent a lifetime battling this – it had a beginning, a middle, and end, and because I’ve remained vigilant about it not revisiting me, it never has.”

Ron Perlman shares secret depression battle

Perlman admits he was shocked by the response of his friends when they read about his depression battle.

He explained, “I put it in there and I started getting calls from my dear friends, who said, ‘Jesus Christ, man, I’ve never told anybody this, but…’ – everybody started telling me their own nightmare story that they’ve kept to themselves, and saying that, ‘If you went through it, and you’re willing to talk about it, it’s essential it stays in the book’.

“It wasn’t my intention, but I realized I was going to help some people knowing that it’s not just them, they’re not alone. It can happen to anybody. It can happen to the guy playing a bada** on (hit Tv drama) Sons of Anarchy.

“There’s a lot revealed that’s never been revealed (in the book). Have I gone too far, or revealed too much? That’s for the world to decide. There was something profoundly purging about finally grappling with it by putting it into words.”

The actor did not reveal the details behind the suicide attempt in the interview.

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