Ellen DeGeneres Scares The Crap Out Of Producer Andy Lassner Again (VIDEO)


Ellen DeGeneres scares her producer

We always get a kick out of seeing talk show host Ellen DeGeneres send her producer, Andy Lassner, to a haunted house on  Halloween.

Andy’s reactions are hilarious and this time he brought his assistant Jacqueline along to visit “Dracula Untold” at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Ellen has a great time scaring her employees and celebrity guests on her talk show.

She sent her producer Andy Lassner and his assistant, Jacqueline, through the “Dracula Untold” maze at Universal Studios Hollywood.

DeGeneres set up the clip for her audience, stating, “I would like to tell you that they handled themselves with grace and dignity, but that would be a lie,” DeGeneres told her audience Thursday.

Andy Lassner goes to a haunted house on Ellen show

This is a yearly thing for the comedienne and who can blame her? Andy cracks us up and it’s funny to watch him try to pretend he isn’t that scared.

“This is all happening for Ellen’s twisted personal amusement,” says Lassner near the beginning of the 5-minute video.

Andy does his best to keep his assistant calm, while he is freaking out himself.

He can’t help but yell out “What are you doing?”, “Stop it”, and “We get it”.

Andy hiding during haunted walk-through

At one point a masked person jumps out and makes Andy pee his pants.

Lassner holds Jacqueline ahead of him, once slamming her into the wall and then proclaiming, “See what I did there? I helped you get away from them!”

One of our favorite moments was Lassner telling one masked women, “Saw you. You came in slow, I like it”.

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