Douchebag Dean McDermott Goes Off On Twitter Trolls


Dean McDermott visits sex shop while Tori is hospitalized

Dean McDermott went off on a tangent on Twitter after he was berated for going to an adult sex shop while his wife Tori Spelling was in the hospital.

Dean, who cheated on his wife, freaked out on the social media site and announced he was quitting Twitter.

McDermott was spotted leaving a sex shop on Monday after making a purchase, with many fans slamming him for gratifying himself while his wife was holed up in the hospital.

Dean McDermott has needs ya'll

Viewers of the couple’s reality show, “True Tori”, blame him for his wife’s nervous breakdown that landed her in the hospital.

Dean cheated on his wife and was caught red-handed.

The Twitter drama went down after a tweeter called McDermott a “douche” and his wife Tori Spelling a “fame whore.”

Tori Spelling and husband Dean McDermott

The “Chopped Canada” host, replied to the user, writing, “@HighonHillcrest: Noticed u didn’t post a pic of urself on your profile there cupcake. Can you say coward? Sending u love anyway. No hate.”

McDermott’s “no hate” statement didn’t last for very long, after another user referred to him as a “scumbag” for being photographed at a sex shop in Los Angeles.

“@TruthAndSarcasm I bought a gag gift to make her laugh. All you haters need to F–K OFF!! I’ve had it with you a–holes. GO F–K YOURSELVES,” McDermott wrote to the user, before adding, “@TruthAndSarcasm who the F–K do you think you are? Any time any place pal. You hide behind your bulls–t twitter name. Show urself prick.”

The user then responded by tweeting, “Lol, Instead of worrying about the prick behind the ‘Twitter’ Worry about the Pr*ck in the mirror”.

McDermott then replied, “That’s lame you f**king coward”.

Dean had enough and declared, “I’m done with this social media sh*t. To all my fans, you’re the best. Love you guys. Always will. To all the haters, you know how I feel.”

Dean McDermott goes off on Twitter

As of this posting, Dean’s Twitter page is still up and running.

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