“Django Unchained” Star Daniele Watts & BF Charged With Lewd Conduct!


Brian James Lucas & Daniele Watts
Daniele Watts, the “Django Unchained” actress who ranted that she was the victim of racism after she was questioned by an officer last month, has been charged with misdemeanor lewd conduct.

Watts and her boyfriend Brian Lucas were charged with one count each and are due for arraignment on November 13.

Police were called after people in an office building reported the couple were possibly having sex in full view of everyone.

An eyewitness said that Daniele was straddling Brian and that she had her shirt up and her breasts exposed.

The witness adds that Lucas began “horizontally bongoing her boobs back and forth” (whatever floats your boat) and that the couple wiped themselves down with a tissue before tossing it out onto the grass.

Daniele Watts

The door to the silver Mercedes they were sitting in was wide open. Someone who worked in an office near the location of the couple’s “activity” had reportedly asked them to stop. But they continued on.

Police arrived and the actress refused to show her identification and even walked away from the officer.

She was then placed in handcuffs while three officers tried to identify her following the complaint.

Daniele can be heard in audio of the stop, accusing that her rights were being violated and claiming that the officer was “racist”.

Daniele Watts questioned by police

Watts can be heard crying as a male officer asks her to let him explain the reason for her detainment.

“I’m being very calm. I’m not being an a**to you,” the male Latino officer is heard saying.

“You’re not the one who’s in handcuffs,” Watts responded. “You’re not the one who’s spent your life being called a Ni**er and growing up in the South, and now I get the cops called on me.”

In a Facebook post after the incident, Lucas said police acted as though he and Watts were engaged in prostitution because they are an interracial couple.

Daniele Watts accused of having sex in public

LAPD Sgt. Jim Parker, who was the first officer to make contact with Watts, said he never suspected Watts was a prostitute and would have ended the stop in less than five minutes if she would have just shown her ID.

He said he found it ironic that Watts accused the trio of discrimination because he is gay while the two others were a woman and a Latino.

Daniele went on the warpath against the LAPD, claiming she was only making out with her boyfriend.

Actress Daniele Watts cuffed by LAPD

Civil rights leaders who initially voiced support for Watts later asked her to apologize.

Spokesman Frank Mateljan stated, “”We were sent a collection of evidence from law enforcement and after review, our prosecutors felt filing was appropriate”.

If convicted, they face a maximum of six months in jail and a fine of $1,000.

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