Demi Lovato Is Engaged…But Not To Wilmer Valderrama (VIDEO)


Demi Lovato engaged to much younger guy

Congrats to Demi Lovato on her engagement….to a precious 5-year-old little boy named Grant!

The singer received a proposal at her Moline, Illinois concert and she certainly couldn’t say no. See the sweet proposal!

Grant was brought up onstage by the “Neon Lights” singer in front of thousands of fans on Saturday night, after she saw Grant and his family holding up a sign.

Demi Lovato invites little Grant up on stage

The singer had Grant come up on stage and told him, “I think since you’re up here we should make it official”.

There was a little mishap with the ring, which was forgotten in all the excitement. But his father brought it up to him and Demi instructed him on how to pop the question.

Demi Lovato engaged to adorable 5-year-old Grant

Lovato explained that he’s supposed to get down on one knee and ask her “Will you marry me?”

Grant asks Demi Lovato to marry him

Grant popped the question and of course Demi said, “I will”.

Lovato then got a sweet kiss on the cheek from her fiance, jokingly telling him, “I can’t wait to see you at the wedding.”

Demi Lovato is engaged!

After the show, Lovato posted an Instagram photo of the proposal, writing, “Oh and by the way guys…… I’M ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

She added, “Thank you to my future husband Grant… #CUTESTEVER #demiworldtour.”

Sorry Wilmer Valderrama, but little Grant beat you to it!

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