Creepy Clowns Terrorizing Small California Town? (Photos/Video)


Creepy clowns tormenting town in California

Anyone that has watched the creepy film “Pennywise” probably gets a little jumpy when they spot a clown, especially in the dead of night.

Scary clowns have been spotted roaming around in California’s San Joaquin Valley, much to the delight of some Halloween lovers and scaring the crap out of others.

The town of Wasco has been the location of clown sightings since October 1.

Some Wasco residents seem to believe there is a gang of bad guys trying to scare everyone.

Photos of Wasco clown

Anthony Garza stated, “I just seen him about three times already. But yeah—he’s creepy.”

Photos of Wasco clown

Some brave people watch on social media to see where the clowns are being sighted so they can go hunt for the spooky prankster.

“Some of the residents go in cars searching for him,” Noah Sanchez told KGET.  “They have flashlights and try and spot him in neighborhoods after he posts to Twitter.”

Photos of Wasco clown

One eyewitness said, “Nobody really knows who the clowns are. Some people think it’s one person, others say it’s several. Yesterday they were saying there were two, then they were trying to say like seven, but I don’t know”.

Photos of Wasco clown

The locals have different feelings about the scary clowns.

The town is a little creeped out but a few people are enjoying the Halloween fun.

Photos of Wasco clown

One local Wasco resident, who wanted to remain anonymous, told KGET that he dressed up as the clown as part of a a year-long photography project with his wife.

He told the station he didn’t “expect to start a trend, and did not mean to cause any harm”.

The couple plans on posting more pictures on their social media accounts throughout October.

The clowns have been spotted roaming the town every night since Oct. 1, taking photos of themselves in random places in different costumes. Then they post the images on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

That sounds pretty fun actually, but we’re certain it would be a little spooky to run into a creepy clown in the middle of the night.

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