Charlie Sheen Sued For Sexual Assault Over Dentist Office Freak-Out!


Charlie Sheen being sued over dental office incident
Charlie Sheen’s visit to the dentist went horribly wrong late last month, after the actor went apesh*t during dental surgery.

Now a dental technician named Margarita Palestino has filed a lawsuit against Sheen, accusing him of assault, battery, sexual battery, and intentional infliction of emotional distress on Sept. 25.

The “Anger Management” star had gone to the dental office for treatment for a tooth abscess.

In her complaint, filed Friday in the Superior Court of the State of California, Palestino states that she was assisting dentists George Bogen and Jaime Azdair in an examination room when Sheen ripped off the nitrous oxide mask she had placed on him.

Charlie then reportedly shouted, “I’m going to f**king kill you!” to all who were present in the room.

Bogen asked her to put the mask back on the actor, but Sheen responded by grabbing Palestino’s “left breast area”.  He then reportedly “grabbed her bra strap, and forcefully pulled it down in an attempt to open or remove her bra”.

Charlie Sheen accused of sexual assault

She stated that she left the examination room when she was able to break free from Sheen’s grasp.

Palestino also claims in the papers that Sheen threatened Azdair with a knife, but she was not in the examination room at the time.

She was asked to re-enter the room by Bogen and said the room was a mess, with spit covering the walls.

Charlie refused to stay seated for a topical anesthetic to take affect and “violently bolted out of the dental chair, and forcefully punched [Palestino’s] chest.”

The lawsuit also stated that before Sheen left that his personal assistant and body guard, who was present at the time of the incidents, handed Palestino $500 and said, “This is for your troubles.”

Charlie Sheen not showing up for filming

Margarita said she had to clean the spit off the walls of the room by Bogen, who told her Sheen was “high on a combination of crack cocaine, Theradol and alcohol” during his visit.

Palestino is asking for compensation for “physical injury, pain and suffering, and mental anguish.” She also demands a trial by jury.

Charlie’s publicist claims that the actor “had a bad reaction” to the gas administered at the dentists’ office and denied a knife or illegal drugs were involved. Sheen has adamantly denied the charges, calling them absurd.

His lawyer said, “This is a ridiculous claim by an opportunist looking to make her 15 minutes of fame and my client is confident he will prevail in this absurd lawsuit”.

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