Brad Pitt Shows Off His Killer Breakdancing Skills With Fallon…Well, Kinda (VIDEO)


Brad Pitt chats with Fallon while breakdancing

Jimmy Fallon didn’t go for a normal interview with actor Brad Pitt, instead the guys have a little chat while they are showing off their “breakdancing skills”.

The video stars with Fallon, 40, turning on his boom box and proceeding to bust a move.

Jimmy Fallon breakdancing sketch

Brad happens to be in the same basement and shows off some rather impressive moves of his own!

Fallon and Pitt take turns trying to outdo each other, when at one point Fallon mimes “Brad?”

Pitt is shown spinning on his hands before replying, “Hey, Jimmy! How’s it going?”

Brad Pitt shows off his moves

After some chit-chat, Pitt says, “This might sound a little crazy, but do you want to do a double breakdance?”

Of course Fallon replies, “Hell yes!”

That’s one way to promote your new film! Brad Pitt’s latest movie, “Fury”, hits theaters on Friday.

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