Body Found Confirmed To Be Missing Actress Misty Upham: Suicide Or Murdered?


Actress Misty Upham committed suicide or was she murdered?

Misty Upham was missing for over two weeks, before her body was found on Thursday.

Her family confirmed her death, which apparently was the result of either an “accidental” fall or from her jumping to her death.

Upham’s family confirmed on Thursday that the missing actress had been found dead.

Local filmmaker Tracy Rector, a longtime friend of Misty’s, said the star’s uncle, Robert Upham, found her body along with two other searchers.

Her body was discovered in a ravine in Auburn, Washington.

Body found in ravine confirmed to be actress Misty Upham

Misty’s father Charles later confirmed the “Frozen River” star’s identity to the authorities.

Her uncle Robert said, “We waited at the site where the team found the body.  It took about five-and-a-half hours to confirm. Then we gathered around her body to say prayers and now we’re all gathered at the church.”

Misty’s cause of death has yet to be determined. The Auburn Police Department said on Thursday, “At this point we do not have any evidence or information to believe there is foul play.”

August: Osage County premiere Misty Upham

On Oct. 10, Charles revealed his daughter suffered from bipolar disorder and was off her medication when she disappeared, leading him to believe that she may have been suicidal.

But after her body was discovered, the Uphams no longer believe she committed suicide.  Her uncle Robert Upham said, “The family has stated that, after seeing the body, they still do not feel that Misty Upham committed suicide.”

The family of Misty Upham is now claiming that the actress “accidentally” fell into the ravine.

They are claiming the area was scenic and they believe she was just enjoying the view.

Others appear to believe she jumped to her death. Misty’s purse with her ID and her shoes were left at the top of the cliff.

Misty played Meryl Streep’s caretaker in “August: Osage County”. The Oscar winner paid her respects, stating, “So, so sad to hear this news—all our thoughts are with her family and with her beautiful spirit.”

Actress Melissa Leo, Misty’s co-star in “Frozen River”, added, “Such a loss…so sad, so so sad.”

Misty Upham and Melissa Leo

Juliette Lewis, who co-starred with Misty in “August: Osage County”, tweeted, “I cant sleep. Too much darkness. I feel so sad about Misty. I know she has more to say. And about how she died. #RIPMistyUpham.”

Juliette Lewis pics

Juliette also claimed she believed Misty could have been murdered. She stated that Misty had told her she “felt she could be murdered… because she was vocal.”

Juliette Lewis tweets Misty Upham was murdered?

We love Juliette, but we believe these are ramblings of a nutty Scientologist.

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