Billy Idol Has Still Got It At 58: Gears Up For New Tour (VIDEO)


Billy Idol and has famous sexy sneer

Billy Idol may be 58-years-old, but the rocker looks great and fit with that sexy little sneer.

The singer is gearing up for a tour and looks back at his career in this new interview.

Billy, who is known for his big hit songs such as “White Wedding”, “Rebel Yell”, and “Mony, Mony”, is still rocking out.

Idol sat down for an interview where he was asked about his trademark expression that drove the ladies wild.

The reporter asks, “Where did that come from? Is that just you?”

“Yeah. I think it’s just my attitude,” Idol said. “You have to have one hell of an attitude to get anywhere in the music business, or the world we came from.”

Smith asked him to define “Billy Idol music.”

“It’s taking the best of punk rock, the best of rock ‘n’ roll — you’re taking the best of everything and somehow cross-pollinating it. So you have a bastard child, really, and the bastard child is my music”.

He was born William Michael Albert Broad in England to a father that sold power tools and a mother that was a former surgical nurse.

Billy Idol grateful for music career

Billy became obsessed with music as a teen and shocked his parents by announcing he was leaving college to join a rock band.

The singer explained, “Yeah, we wanted to dream, wanted to have fun, wanted something more glamorous than my dad’s power tool business that he wanted me to join him in. And he was a great salesman, fantastic, actually. But I always thought to myself, ‘The only weakness he’s got is, he’s selling a product that’s not himself.  So I’m still a bit of the salesman he is, really. But I managed to work out I could make my own product, and there’s a power in that, you know?”

In the 1970s, he helped form the punk band Generation X.

By the 1980s he was on his own and very successful.

Billy Idol still a hottie

He was asked about being known for his womanizing, with the interviewer asking, “You’ve had one steady relationship at least through all of this. But it was hard to stay faithful. You couldn’t stay faithful?”

Idol stated, “Almost — well, you couldn’t, it’s impossible. I mean, especially on a ten-month tour, on a bus going from nowhere, from place to place, to Denny’s, Carl’s Jr., Denny’s, McDonald’s, Carl’s Jr., Denny’s, truck stop . . . You wanted something to break up that monotony. And the only way to do it was a piece of human flesh!”

He also revealed his struggle with drugs.

“I did have some moments in Washington Square Park,” he said. “I used to walk through here. And the drug dealers who used to be here used to call their drugs by — they saw me comin,’ they’d say, ‘It’s Rebel Yell Heroin.’ ‘It’s White Wedding Crack.’ ‘It’s Dancing With Myself Marijuana,’ or something. But I actually did get caught here on a police sting when I was a bit addicted to crack for a while, to coke.”

He was asked if he is sober these days, replying, “I’m not sober.  “I mean, I have to sort of say to myself, ‘Yeah, you can do everything, man, but I’m not doing it.'”

She asked Billy just how that works for him.

“I don’t know, really. Shouldn’t work, really! But it’s just, if I say to myself, ‘I’m never doing anything again,’ I’ll immediately go and do it. That’s what I’m like. So I have to sort of say, ‘No, man, you can do whatever you want,’ but there’s a side to me saying, ‘But we’re not going to.’ I like smoking pot. I still smoke tons of pot.”

Billy Idol talks about being thankful for his successful career.

“Life is sweet,” he said. “Why? Because I’ve got an audience, and the audience enjoys what I do and they tell me, and I have to say it back to them, ‘Thank you for making my life so really great.'”

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