“Pitch Perfect” Star Anna Kendrick’s Naughty Pics Leaked


Anna Kendrick is no angel

There have been tons of celebrities hit with leaked photos lately, with some stars being targeted by hackers that posted nude photos.

Actress Anna Kendrick didn’t have any nude photos leaked, but her images show that she likes to party!

The “Pitch Perfect” star had photos leaked online, but she is fully clothed.

The pictures show her hanging out one particular guy, which we’re guessing is her boyfriend or a really good male friend.

Anna Kendrick pulls a sexy pose

Anna Kendrick a party girl?

The only picture that shows Anna making out with anyone is one where she appears to be ready to smooch another woman.

Anna Kendrick into other girls?

Many of her pictures appear to be from a Halloween party, where she is dressed up like an angel, or maybe a slutty angel.

Anna Kendrick a sexy angel

Her wildest pictures include the actress toking on what appears to be a joint.

Anna Kendrick smoking weed?

Another photo from the Halloween bash shows her holding a glass pipe and an inhaler.  She does look pretty out of it in this picture!

Anna Kendrick smoking out of glass pip at Halloween party?

At least Anna was smart enough not to have naked pictures “out there”, saying her paranoia has actually been a good thing in this situation.

The actress said, “I’m paranoid, and with good reason, clearly, as we’ve learned from the last couple of weeks. It certainly makes me sad for the girls who were affected, and bummed out that people won’t be able to do that stuff, because it’s a part of life and if you want to you should be able to. When stuff like that happens, I feel really grateful for my paranoia and really sad for people who are just trying to live their life like a normal person. And I hope that guy goes to jail.”

We always thought Anna was a “Taylor Swift” type, but we guess this tweet she made about Ryan Gosling should have given us some insight.

Actually, we like her even more after these pictures leaked.  She looks like fun, except for the weed part.

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Images: DrunkenStepfather


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