Katy Perry Dines With Harry Styles At Nobu: Can Taylor Swift Shake This Off?


Did Katy Perry have dinner with Harry Styles out of spite?

Taylor Swift recently dissed Katy Perry in one of her songs, with Katy responding to the slam on Twitter.

But now things appear to be getting even uglier, after Katy had a little dinner date with Taylor’s ex-boyfriend, Harry Styles.  Sweet revenge?

Katy was spotted leaving Nobu in LA just a few minutes after One Direction singer Harry Styles, one of Taylor’s ex-boyfriends.

Are they hooking up or bonding over gossiping about the “Shake It Off” singer?

Taylor Swift, 24, and Katy Perry, 29, are currently in a little feud after Taylor took aim at Katy by writing a diss song called “Bad Blood” about the “Teenage Dream” singer.

Taylor revealed in an interview with Rolling Stone that a song off of her upcoming album 1989, “Bad Blood” is about a friend that later became an enemy that is also a pop star.

Katy Perry tweet about Taylor Swift?

The day after the interview made headlines, Perry took to Twitter to write, “Watch out for the Regina George in sheep’s clothing”. She was obviously saying Taylor is a “mean girl”.

We all know that Katy dated John Mayer after Taylor, but could she possibly be dating another of her exes?  Now that would be interesting!

It’s possible that Harry and Katy were simply dining at Nobu at the same time, right?

But eyewitnesses claim they were spotted having dinner together.

A source said, “Katy Perry and Harry Styles had dinner together at Nobu in Malibu late Thursday night. Just the two of them. They seemed happy, smiling and enjoying their dinner and conversation. They arrived separately and left separately. They looked like good friends and did a lot of talking,”.

Katy Perry smooching Harry Styles at Awards show

Harry was later spotted partying at a club and Katy was not present.

Harry Styles partied at a club after dinner with Katy Perry

There are also reports that Swift was angry that Perry “stole” her dancers just before a tour. But she failed to remember that they were actually Katy’s dancers first.

We can imagine Taylor is fuming over Katy and Harry’s little dinner. She is probably writing a song about it right now.

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