Former GMA Host Joan Lunden Shows Bald Is Beautiful On People Cover


Joan Lunden debuts shaved head on People magazine

Joan Lunden realized she was going to lose all of her hair during chemo so she decided to take charge and “go into warrior mode” and shave her head.

The 64-year-old former “Good Morning America”,  who was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in June, was beaming as she debuted her bald head on the cover of People magazine.

Joan’s friend and former GMA colleague Robin Roberts, who beat bone marrow cancer, helped guide Lunden.

Joan explained, “Robin told me waiting for your hair to fall out is excruciating. So I didn’t want to wait.”

Joan said, “You wonder how your hair is going to fall out, when it’s going to fall out. I knew I was going to lose it so I decided to just own it.”

Lunden had been wearing a stylish blonde wig, but she took it off to pose bald for the interview.

Joan Lunden has breast cancer

She admits, “I’m almost reluctant to say it because it sounds superficial, but when you lose your hair, it just affects the way that you look at yourself in the mirror.  You feel less feminine, pretty or desirable, and it’s not an easy thing to go through.  I had to make this big decision about whether or not to do the cover with no hair.

“It certainly isn’t the comfortable way to go, but I decided I was going to try and help others and show women that this isn’t the end of the world.  You can go on – and that was hugely empowering.”

The mother-of-seven, who previously openly discussed her infertility issues and used a surrogate to have twins at age 52, has lots of support from her husband Jeff Konigsberg and their two sets of twins, Kate and Max, 11, and Kim and Jack, nine.

Joan also has three children with her ex-husband Michael Krauss – Lindsay, 31, Jamie, 34, and Sarah, 27.

Her cancer treatment includes chemotherapy to shrink the tumors and then surgery, followed by radiation if necessary.  After 12 weeks of chemo, Joan got the encouraging news that the tumors had shrunk by nearly 95 percent.

Joan was scheduled to undergo surgery to remove the remaining mass on Tuesday.

Lunden said, “You have all these decisions to make, and you have to make them quickly. I had no choice but to go into warrior mode and take this head-on”.

Joan took to Twitter on Wednesday, writing, “No taking it back now…my @peoplemag cover, bold and bald, is out!”

We know that took quite a bit of courage to bare her bald head and share her story, but we actually think she looks beautiful.

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