Avril Lavigne & Chad Kroeger Splitting Up After 14 Months Of Marriage?


Nickelback's Chad Kroger to split with Avril Lavigne?

Avril Lavigne and husband Chad Kroeger have only been married for 14 months and already reportedly “headed for a split”.

The Nickelback frontman has been telling people their marriage is over and that they are divorcing.

An insider stated, “It’s over. He has been going around L.A. and telling people that they’re divorcing”.

Avril, 29, was spotted out with her female friends at the Chateau Marmont and wasn’t wearing her wedding ring.

The singer had gushed on Twitter in July about her 17-carat diamond ring the 39-year-old rocker bought her for their one year anniversary.  The tweet was mysteriously deleted.

Avril gets a huge 17-carat diamond for anniversary gift

Kroeger and Lavigne,  who have a combined net worth of $105 million, appear to be missing from one another’s Instagram and Twitter feeds.

One of Avril’s friends said, “Chad is just a complete jerk in the way he talks to her, and the way he talks to people in general. A lot of her friends don’t like him.”

The couple have been at odds the past few months because they are both very jealous.

A source close to the pair told E! News, “They’re having a lot of issues. There’s jealousy on both sides. She flirts, he flirts. She’s very insecure to begin with.”

Another source revealed that the couple didn’t have any “concrete” plans to divorce at this time.

Avril Lavigne gets a huge rock for 1st anniversary

The Canadian singers became engaged just a month after working together on their duet “Let Me Go”.

Avril and Chad tied the knot before 110 guests at the Château de la Napoule on the French Riviera following an 11-month engagement.

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