Chrissy Teigen Poses For Sexy Esquire Shoot (Photos)


Chrissy Teigen in sexy swimsuit for Esquire

Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Chrissy Teigen has posed for a sizzling photo shoot with Esquire magazine, admitting she wishes she had a voluptuous booty.

The model, who tossed out the first pitch on Tuesday at Dodger’s Stadium, flaunts her other assets in the publication.

The pretty model and wife of soul singer John Legend opened up to Esquire magazine, saying, “I didn’t know butts were a thing until I was twenty-three. Then came Jennifer Lopez and people were like, ‘That butt is great’. Now you have to have a butt. It sucks for me.  I have a little half-Asian butt, and the more I work out, the more I try to get it bigger, it’s just going to get flatter and harder.”

But what Chrissy is lacking on her backside, she makes up for in the front!

Teigen posed in the pool in a floral swim-shirt, which was unzipped and showed off her cleavage.

Chrissy Teigen strips down for Esquire magazine
In another fun picture, she is shown “mowing” the lawn in an orange bikini and heels.

Chrissy Teigen "mowing" in bikini and heels

Chrissy may be a model, but she claims she doesn’t diet.  In fact, she insists, “If I’m going to eat fast food, I’m going to McDonald’s. I don’t need to pretend.”  She also loves Del Taco.

Chrissy, who is of Thai descent, regularly shares food-porn photos on her Instagram account.

On Tuesday, Chrissy tossed out the first ball at Dodger’s Stadium in Los Angeles.


She admitted she was feeling pretty nervous.

She tweeted to her 492,000 followers, writing, “My @dodgers first pitch is tomorrow and my stomach is in knots. I am legit going to have to medicate myself I’ve never been so nervous.”

On Tuesday, she admitted her father was celebrating his birthday and had been feeding her Margaritas.

Teigen later tweeted, “Crap, I’m pretty drunk”, before adding, “My mom is bombed.”

Despite being a little tipsy,  Chrissy scored a home run with her sexy outfit when she threw out the first pitch.

Chrissy Teigen throws out first pitch at Dodger's game

The September issue of Esquire hits newsstands on August 12.

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