“Apparently” This Little Ginger Will Be A Future Reporter: So Cute! (VIDEO)


Apparently kid interview video

Noah Ritter is only five years old, but he is definitely an old soul.

Noah was “apparently” asked to give an interview about a ride at his local county fair and gave the reporter a run for her money.

The live television interview with the Pottstown, Pennsylvania youngster became a YouTube hit, becoming a viral sensation.

Noah was stopped by a WNEP TV crew on Friday for  the opening day of the Wayne County Fair in nearby Honesdale.

Reporter Sofia Ojeda was asking about his experience on the ride he’d just been on, but he took over.

Noah said, “It was great and apparently I’ve never been on live television but apparently sometimes I don’t watch the news because I’m a kid and apparently every time Grandpa just gives me the remote I have to watch the Powerball”.

Noah Ritter's one bright little guy

The cute little ginger was very excited about being on live television.  He finally gave his view on the ride, saying, “Well, it was great because apparently you’re spinning around and apparently every time you get dizzy, that’s all you do is get dizzy.  I’ve never ever been on live television. I’ve never been on live television.”

The amused reporter asked Noah, “Are you excited?”

Noah replied, saying, “Yeah, and apparently I only went down the super slide. . . I was scared half to death (or def). I just freak out.”

Noah apparently loves to use the word “apparently”.  He sure is a bright little guy!

Noah’s grandfather, Jack Borowski, who took him to the fair, told ABC News, “Noah is pretty talkative. He has a large vocabulary.”

He added that the youngster appears to be enjoying his newfound fame. Jack said, “We were watching it on the computer and it replayed on the local news. He’s going, ‘That’s me. I’m a celebrity.'”

We think he just might have a future on television. Well, apparently!

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