Wilmer Valderrama’s Twitter Hacked: Cruel Posts About Demi Lovato


Demi Lovato 'Really Don't Care' music video

Actor Wilmer Valderrama has closed his Twitter page after a hacker took over his account and posted bizarre tweets, which took aim at his girlfriend Demi Lovato.

The hacker also posted topless photos of Demi that were leaked back in April.

Fans of the “That ’70s Show” star were left confused on Thursday night when the actor appeared to post several bizarre updates.

One tweet included a snap of him and his pop star girlfriend in bed together, with Lovato seductively biting his lip.

They appear to be the same images leaked on the internet in April, which also shows Demi topless and another of her revealing her butt.

Wilmer Valderrama twitter shut down

The hacker also posted some cruel messages directed at his girlfriend Demi.

One was a meme of “The Powerpuff Girls” which showed the biggest character labeled with the name Demi, standing in front of tiny “Powerpuff Girls” characters named Miley, Ariana, and Selena.

The hacker wrote alongside the picture, “She’s fat as f**kk.”

Demi Lovato Powder Puff girl meme

The hacker also asked Wilmer’s followers to follow Selena Gomez’s account.

After that, some people allegedly started to point at Selena as the mastermind behind this incident because of the current rough friendship between Demi and Selena.

But we highly doubt Selena was behind this!

Valderrama posted on his account that he had been hacked, before his Twitter was shut down.

Wilmer Valderrama twitter hacked

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