Jimmy Kimmel Shows Off Precious Newborn Daughter (VIDEO)


Jimmy Kimmel's daughter Jane photos

Jimmy Kimmel resumed taping his show “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” after a couple of weeks off the air.

The late night host told the audience he and his wife had a baby girl, showing off adorable photos of the little one.

Kimmel told the crowd,  “We’ve been off work for the last two weeks. We’ve actually been on vacation. I got a lot done. I painted a mirror in my house. I grew this beard. Oh, and I had a baby also. My wife and I made a baby. You know how we did it?”

He continued, “We made it out of sex.”

Jimmy Kimmel's wife Molly gives birth to daughter

“My wife is doing fine. I’m fine, too. I was so brave. I cried a little but I didn’t scream. You guys would’ve been very proud of me,” the late-night host joked during his opening monologue.

“We had a little girl. We named her after my grandmother—her name is Grandma Kimmel. No, we named her Jane.”

Kimmel shared a photo of his daughter “freshly out of the womb.”

Baby Jane Kimmel "fresh from the womb"

He joked, “Do you know they come out wearing clown makeup? It’s the weirdest thing.  She went a little bit heavy on the foundation.”

The next picture showed his daughter in a sweet striped cap with a bow, joking, “She’s drunk as a skunk right there.”

Kimmel's baby girl Jane photo

A third photo featured Kimmel tenderly holding his daughter’s face.

Jimmy said, “You can see, her head’s like the size of a plum. She weighed 6 lbs., 1 ounce, 20 inches long.  Just above the legal limit.”

Jimmy Kimmel's daughter Jane photos

The fourth picture showed Jane smiling. “We should her her first Tyler Perry movie and she loved it,” Kimmel joked.

Jimmy Kimmel's baby girl pics

The last snap shows Jane appearing to hide her face from the camera.  Jimmy said, “I’ve been taking in the neighborhood of 10,000 pictures of her a day and she’s finally had enough of it. She thinks I’m with TMZ now”.

Kimmel continued, “I have a 22-year-old daughter and a 20-year-old son already, but it’s interesting how much you forget. Like, did you know they don’t eat pizza at this age?”

The host then thanked his fans for all the “nice words” and “well wishes” his family has received since his wife Molly McNearney gave birth on July 10.

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Images: wenn.com/Youtube


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