Casey Kasem’s Body Missing From Funeral Home: What’s Jean Kasem Up To?


Kerri Kasem named conservator for father Casey Kasem

Casey Kasem’s body has disappeared from a Washington state funeral home.

This crazy news comes just a day after a judge granted Casey’s daughter Kerri a temporary restraining order preventing the DJ’s wife from cremating his remains or removing them from a funeral home.

Kerri said her dad’s body is no longer at the Gaffney Funeral Home in Tacoma, Washington, where it languished for a month under wife Jean Kasem’s control.

Kerri said the temporary restraining order that a Washington state judge granted her on Wednesday forbidding movement or burial of the remains came too late.

Casey’s daughter explained, “My stepmother is doing everything to keep my father’s burial a secret so that none of his loved ones can visit. She’s just spiteful, malicious and vindictive”.

Kerri Kasem banned from seeing ailing father?

Casey’s widow Jean was in control of the body after Kasem’s June 15 death ended Kerri’s control over his medical treatment.

Jean commissioned a private autopsy in Tacoma and made arrangements to send Kasem to the Urgel Bourgie Funeral Home in Montreal, Canada by July 14, a recent death certificate stated.

Kerri said on Friday, “My dad has nothing to do with Canada. He lived in Los Angeles for 45 years. It just once again proves that my stepmother is not acting in my father’s best interest or respecting his wishes”.

Kerri, who is the oldest of three kids from Kasem’s first marriage, said she’s not even convinced her dad will remain in Canada and could end up in Israel or even France.

She finds it very “sad” because her dad previously stated he wanted to be buried at Forest Lawn in the Hollywood Hills.

In a strange twist, Jean Kasem used a Jerusalem address as her husband’s place of residence on his death certificate.  Casey Kasem was 82 when he died under hospice care at St. Anthony Hospital in Gig Harbor on Father’s Day.

Casey’s daughter Kerri and crazy wife Jean were locked in a bitter battle over him in the weeks before his death. Kerri has even filed a police report accusing her stepmom of elder abuse.

She accuses Jean of hastening her dad’s death by yanking him from a Santa Monica nursing home in the middle of the night May 7 against his doctor’s advice, taking him on a road trip to Arizona and Nevada and causing an infected bed sore that left him “moaning” in a “hot room” at a friend’s house near Seattle.

Kerri had won a conservatorship over her dad after the May 7 incident and got a court order to take him to St. Anthony by ambulance on June 1.

Casey Kasem taken from home in ambulance

He was admitted in critical condition with a wound infection related to a “serious” pressure ulcer.  Kasem also had advanced Lewy Body Disease, a form of dementia, and doctors advised Kerri he only had days to live.

They advised her to place him on “comfort care”, something Kerri was originally against. But doctors explained his body was shutting down and artificial feeding and hydration were causing him painful side-effects.


This entire situation is just so sad. Why is Jean Kasem being so cruel? Why wouldn’t she want to follower her late husband’s wishes?

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