La Toya Jackson Confirms Engagement To Jeffre Phillips!


Latoya Jackson and manager Jeffre Phillips

La Toya Jackson is engaged to her longtime business partner Jeffre Phillips.

The 58-year-old singer actually became engaged ten months ago during a vacation to Hawaii, after being presented with a 17.5 carat diamond ring!

Phillips, 46, popped the question after having La Toya follow a path of white rose petals and gardenias to their hotel balcony in Hawaii, where he arranged a romantic dinner.

La Toya Jackson revealed, “[I was caught off guard so] it wasn’t a fast yes.  I had no clue. I couldn’t understand why he was so nervous.”

Jeffre got down on one knee, but said, “I don’t have a ring for you”.  La Toya said she didn’t care about a ring (yeah, right!)

Dessert was served and that’s when she was presented her huge diamond ring. Jackson explained, “When I lifted (the lid) for the dessert, there was the ring”.

The ring, which Jeffre designed himself,  has a 10 carat round stone in the center and is surrounded by 7.5 carats in round diamonds set in a platinum band.

La Toya Jackson's engagement ring pics

La Toya said, “Jeffré goes over the top with a lot of things.  He found exactly what I would like or want. It’s really beautiful. It’s very, very big. It’s a heavy one too. My heart just stopped.  I was in total shock. We’re best friends and we’ve been business partners forever. It was always professional – no one really crossed those boundaries.”

La Toya has yet to talk about her wedding plans and is saving wedding details for her reality show “Life with La Toya”, which airs on OWN starting June 7.

The singer teased, “You have to wait to see the show”.

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