Celebrities That Suffer From Social Anxiety & Panic Attacks!


    Stars with social anxiety

    There are millions of people around the world that deal with anxiety on a daily basis, which includes many celebrities.

    People sometimes feel all alone with their feelings, but even people that appear to have it all – money, fame, power – can also be affected by bouts of anxiety. Let’s see which famous people battle social anxiety and panic attacks.

    Generalized anxiety disorder is a persistent form of daily anxiety that doesn’t have any of the symptoms of other anxiety disorders. Some of the most famous celebrities have suffered at one time or another with this type of anxiety, which plagues a large percentage of the general population.

    Let’s take a look at celebs with anxiety disorder:

    Marilyn Monroe

    Legendary actress Marilyn Monroe battled with social anxiety and often took medication to calm her in her most anxious moments. She may have been a major sex symbol, but she was also very insecure.

    Marilyn Monroe suffered anxiety

    Olivia Munn

    Actress Olivia Munn, a star on HBO’s “The Newsroom,” has openly admitted that she has severe social anxiety.

    Munn admitted, “If I were to walk into someone’s birthday party, I’d have a bad anxiety attack”.

    The pretty brunette gets stressed and it triggers trichotillomania, a condition related to nail-biting and skin-picking that causes sufferers to pull out their own hair. She pulls her eyelashes.

    The actress said she tries to manage by overcoming the idea of what scares you. She said, “The idea – that’s what anxiety is. It’s interpreting what I think things are going to be [like] and it ends up never being as bad as I think it’s going to be.” Well said!

    Olivia Munn pretty pics

    Emma Stone

    “Spiderman” star Emma Stone appears to be very confident, but admits having panic attacks as a child. She previously revealed, “I was just kind of immobilized by it. I didn’t want to go to my friends’ houses or hang out with anybody, and nobody really understood.”

    Stone took control of the disorder by going to therapy and discovering acting. She channels her energy into her work.

    Emma Stone pretty in pink

    Johnny Depp

    Hunky actor Johnny Depp may be a huge star, but also admits suffering from social anxiety, as well as the fear of clowns (Coulrophobia).

    Depp’s anxiety is well-documented, discussing anxiety in several interviews. In one, he discussed getting drunk early in his career when he had to do press appearances to deal with his anxiety. He said, “I guess I was trying not to feel anything.”

    Johnny Depp anxiety issues

    Kim Basinger

    Oscar-winning actress Kim Basinger, known for her roles in the sexy film “9 1/2 Weeks” and as Eminem’s mother in “8 Mile”, has struggled with anxiety throughout her career.

    Basinger has spoken out about her social anxiety disorder that dates back to her days as a student where she would have panic attacks during class. She discussed her issues in the HBO documentary “Panic: A Film About Coping”.

    Kim said, “Fear has been something I’ve lived with my entire life, the fear of being in public places, which led to anxiety or panic attacks. I stayed in my house and literally cried every day.”

    She told People magazine in 2013 that after battling agoraphobia, she was ready to take charge of her fears and her emotional health. “Now I wake up and enjoy life,” she said. “I didn’t want to live on drugs. I wanted to face everything I was afraid of.”

    Kim Basinger pictures

    Jonathan Knight

    Jonathan Knight of the boy band New Kids on the Block has suffered with panic attacks and social anxiety, making it difficult to do interviews or perform on stage. That’s the reason he left the band in 1994.

    In 2013, the band reunited and performed at iHeartRadio in Manhattan, but Jonathan’s anxiety caused him to leave the stage halfway through their set.

    His bandmates attempted to put him at ease, but he finally had to exit the stage and didn’t return.

    We can only imagine suffering anxiety and being in stage in front of tons of people. Scary!

    Jonathan Knight anxiety attacks

    Daniel Tosh

    Daniel Tosh, a hilarious comedian and host of the popular Tosh.0 appears to be so confident and at ease on his television show.

    But Tosh has revealed previously he struggles with social anxiety and OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).

    In interviews, he reveals that he makes a character to use when he is telling jokes. This allows him to be someone else without feeling anxious.

    Tosh uses a character to interact with his audience, revealing, “Maybe that’s why I get away with some things. We don’t hold back. But, I’m not a racist, mysoginist person.. I just think some of those jokes are funny.”

    We find it so interesting that Tosh is able to overcome his anxiety issues and appear so comfortable in front of his audience.

    Daniel Tosh OCD and anxiety


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