Steve Perry Does Surprise Performance With Eels (VIDEO)


Journey's Steve Perry sings with the Eels

Former Journey frontman Steve Perry thrilled fans when he did a surprise performance with the alternative rock band Eels in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Perry performed their song “It’s a Motherf**ker” by the Eels, following by the Journey classics “Open Arms”, and “Lovin’ Touchin”, Squeezin'”.

Steve Perry hadn’t performed on stage in nearly 20 years when he showed up to around 1,000 thrilled fans at the Fitzgerald Theater in Minnesota as part of the encore.

Perry explained to the crowd, “I love that song. When I first met [Everett] , I said someday I wanted to sing that song. And tonight is the first time I’ve ever sang it.”

Perry then treated the audience into a few classic and popular songs by Journey, “Open Arms” followed by “Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin'”.

After releasing two solo albums and Journey’s 1996 effort Trial By Fire, Perry stepped away from the music world.

Steve Perry, 65, has had health problems over the years, including arthritis, hip-replacement surgery in 1998, and two skin cancer surgeries in 2013.

Eels frontman Mark Everett joked about the crowd’s enthusiastic response to Steve Perry’s first song, joking, “They don’t applaud like that for me! I guess I gotta disappear for 25 years!”

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