Spider-Man Star Andrew Garfield Gets Kissing Tips From Chris Martin? (VIDEO)


Chris Martin teaches Spider-Man to french kiss

Chris Martin proved even he can’t resist Spider-Man as he donned a blonde wig to to help British star Andrew Garfield kiss on “Saturday Night Live”.

The Coldplay frontman gave a little assistance to Garfield, who pretended to be unable to kiss Emma Stone on the set of their movie.

Emma and Andrew were seemingly having issues filming a kissing scene and Martin wanted to lend a hand…or lips.

Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield on SNL

The real-life couple looked hilarious as they pretended to feel awkward kissing one another.

Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield awkward kiss

Chris Martin, who recently split from Gwyneth Paltrow, then went in for a smooch, saying, “Why don’t you go ahead and show me that beautiful little tongue, come to papa”.

Coldplay's Chris Martin cameo on SNL

Andrew tried to keep from laughing as he said, “Oh, God”.

Garfield was making his debut as an SNL host and brought old pro Stone along with him for moral support.

Emma appeared on stage with her beau to offer advice during his monologue.

Garfield admitted to the audience that he was a little nervous at hosting the live television show, explaining, “She is the greatest and she has hosted before. She told me ‘Andrew you are one of the funniest people I know, you are going to be great. But this is different, this is professional comedy, on live TV, in America.’ So I feel both supported and petrified.'”

Stone then walked on stage to back her man up.

“Oh, I am just doing the monologue,” Garfield told his girlfriend.

Stone replied, “Don’t mind me, I’m not even here, I just wanted to say you are doing so great”.

Emma tried to set him at ease, saying, “I actually though of one more piece of advice for you. If you get in trouble at all just remember that the band on SNL is really great and they laugh at anything, right guys?”

The British actor said, “Oh that is great to know, so I am probably going to be using you guys a lot then. Right guys?”, as the band sat there stone-faced.

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