Sherri Shepherd’s Ex Claims She’s Neglecting Son


Sherri Shepherd's first husband wants custody

Sherri Shepherd is embroiled in yet another custody battle, this time with her ex-husband Jeffrey Tarpley.

“The View” host is already battling her estranged husband Lamar Sally over custody of their unborn child, but now her first husband claims she’s neglecting her nine-year-old special needs son.

Sherri, 47, has even more on her plate now.

Her ex-husband, Jeffrey Tarpley, claims that their son Jeffrey Jr. is nearly illiterate and doesn’t even know how to even tie his shoelaces.

Sherri Shepherd & Jeffrey Tarpley in 2005

Tarpley, a comedian, says Sherri is a neglectful mother who is too busy with her television career to properly care for their son. The funnyman is requesting full physical custody of Jeffrey Jr. as he believes the boy is being raised mostly by “unskilled nannies”.

Tarpley lives in California while his ex and son live in New Jersey. He wants Jeffrey Jr. to move across the country to live with him full time.

Sherri Shepherd responded in her own court filings, stating that Tarpley is an absentee father and does not deserve to have a role in her son’s life.

Sherri Shepherd and son Jeffery Tarpley

The presiding judge has set an official hearing for July to settle the dispute.

In 2007, Sherri opened up about her difficult pregnancy with Jeffrey, revealing he was originally one of two twins. Jeffrey was born at 25 weeks weighing just 1 lb 10oz. He had bleeding in his brain and a hole in his intestines and another in an artery near his heart.

Tarpley’s filing precedes the current custody case between Lamar and Sherri.

Sherri and Lamar are expecting a baby by surrogate, whose birth date is around July 28.

Shepherd has asked the court to ‘enforce their prenuptial agreement’ which she believes would give her the right to full physical custody of the new child.  The website reports that under terms of the prenup that Lamar agrees that the new child will live with Sherri and her son Jeffrey from a previous relationship

This means Shepherd would get full physical custody of the new baby, despite Sally’s request to only allow basic visitation rights to the talk show host.

But Sally wants the legal document ‘invalidated on grounds of fraud’ and he’s enlisted attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan, who represented Kevin Federline during the Britney Spears divorce. If the prenup is invalidated, he will then be able to fight for full custody.

Sherri Shepherd's husband Lamar Sally files for divorce

Sally may want the prenup invalidated for other reasons because it stipulates he will only receive a lump sum of $60,000 if the marriage lasts two to five years. The couple tied the knot in 2011.

Sally brings in around $30,000, while Shepherd apparently made a whopping $1 million back in 2010.

On “The View”, viewers noticed that Sherri had finally removed her 3-carat princess-cut diamond ring, but made no mention of the split.

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