Selena Gomez & Taylor Swift Kiss & Makeup At MET Gala


Selena Gomez hangs with ex BFF Taylor Swift

There were rumors that former BFF’s Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift had ended their friendship over Selena’s reunion with Justin Bieber.

But now Selena has dumped Justin again and the two starlets were spotted hanging out together at the 2014 MET gala last night, even sharing a video of themselves dancing together.

Taylor, 24, and Selena, 21, both attended the 2014 Met Gala in New York on Monday night, and made the most of their public appearance to set the record straight.

Selena took to social media and shared a 15-second video of the pair goofing around together at the fashion event.

Gomez captioned the video, “Sometimes you wanna just be you with someone who knows all your secrets”.

The brief video showed the two singers pulling faces for the camera before gliding across the room, dancing around in their elegant gowns.

There were reports last week that Selena had unfriended Taylor from her life because she thought she was “too boring”.

An insider stated, “With her parents no longer in the picture as managers or chaperones, Selena started hanging out with Justin again. Her parents are not fans of his at all. And neither is Taylor Swift. Even though Selena and Justin aren’t together right now, it’s still caused a rift between her and Taylor”.

Selena Gomez & Taylor Swift rift over Bieber?

Selena decided she “didn’t want to bake cookies or paint anymore” with her former gal pal.

But the girls definitely rekindled their friendship at the Met Gala on Monday night.

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