Kate Upton Wants You To Ogle Her Booty Too! (VIDEO)


Kate Upton The Other Woman premiere

Kate Upton feels her butt doesn’t get the attention it deserves, while filming scenes for Sports Illustrated’s shoot in the Cook Islands.

We can give you two huge reasons why people aren’t looking at her derriere!

The 21-year-old model joked with the crew that her favorite bikini from the photo shoot was a bright suit that showed off her booty.

She said, “You know what, my butt doesn’t get that much attention, so I think this shot will get it the attention it deserves”.

Kate Upton wants you to see her butt too

The “Other Woman” actress was surrounded by people fixing her hair and adjusting her bikini, while they joked around on the set.

One woman was making her already tiny bikini top even smaller, with Upton joking, “Because you know it helps me appear larger up top, which clearly I need help in”.

Kate Upton being primped for photo shoot

The model said she loved shooting with Sports Illustrated, saying, “There’s something special about an S.I. shoot because of the crew, everybody on set it feels like family and friends to me and we’re all just joking and laughing and having fun. I feel warm, I feel great, I feel excited…hashtag best shoot ever!”

Kate Upton modeling bikinis

Kate was also shown attempting to shave one of the crew member’s beards.  She joked, “This is the first time I’ve ever shaven anybody but myself”.

She added, “And I don’t shave my face!”  Hmm…are you sure?  Or maybe she had her sweet ‘stache lasered off?

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Images: Sports Illustrated


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